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As soon as I figured I could just earn points on those flights and hotel stays my company would pay for, I immediately created a few accounts on multiple loyalty programs with airlines and a certain hotel chain. The points started rolling into my account and the best part was that I never even paid to earn those. This is only possible because, generally speaking, award points belong to the person who’s name is under a hotel or flight booking, which means my company couldn’t just take those away from me. But now you ask; how were they still earning more points and using those to pay for all the first class travel the executives would take year-round? Well, that was accomplished through the magic of credit cards.

It’s kind of funny to think; but – yes, companies also use credit cards just like any of us! Those are usually business credit cards and you can even own a small business with you as the only employee in order to get one and collect points. Trust me, it’s not that hard. Guess what? Now you’re getting points for flying, staying and for spending money on your credit cards.

We are globalists. World citizens… When some people talk about points on social medial, they make it seem like it’s huge deal. Well, probably because they want to sell you a course. And you really don’t need one! Our goal here at Let’s Go Journey is to teach as many people as possible how to earn and burn points on experiences they’ll cherish forever. We believe the world belongs to all of us and that not only a small part of the population should have access to something they already own.

We are optimistic. We believe the world can become a better place through travel. Understanding other cultures by visiting new countries and experiencing first hand someone else’s culture can change a person (become a better individual)….

We are achievers. We persue what we talk about and actually do it because if our goal is to make the world a better place through travel, then it’s up to us to start the movement.

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